Here are some ways to reach out and engage on issues that matter to you. If you have ideas for additional links to include here, please feel free to tell me via the contact page.

The White House

You can write to President Biden or contact a federal agency through the White House Contact Page.


All of the members of congress are located on the “Contacting Congress” website and you can enter your zip code to identify the Senators and Representative representing you:

This is the official site for commenting on pending federal legislation.

Lovingkindness Meditation

There are many, many websites devoted to Lovingkindness Meditation, including various audio guides, and I encourage you to poke around and explore them. I’m including a link to Sharon Salzberg’s website in particular because she is especially effective at explaining how LKM (metta) can be used to help us engage constructively when we are afraid or angry or both.

Daily Trump Letters ~ in case you find yourself thinking things like “we got through it so it must not have been that bad….” or “hmm, I know it was bad, but I can’t really remember what all happened…” you could read a few of my old letters to Trump.

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