The CPAC DJT statue ~ an image that cannot be unseen

Dear President Biden,

I am happy to report that so far I’ve managed to keep my Lenten commitment not to read any news articles or editorials that focus on DJT. I will admit though, that it’s been a little hard with a few things, especially the SCOTUS ruling requiring his accountants to release his tax returns. The vengeance-wishing part of me, which is quite dominant when it comes to him, wanted to luxuriate in that lovely development by reading those articles, but I made do with an internal “whoot!” over the headlines. I should probably also tell you that I often read the smaller tags underneath the big headlines, which feels like cheating since while I can’t help but read the actual headlines because of automatic processing, I do have to make a conscious effort to read the other bits. But there’s been no clicking on DJT materials at all for 10 days, which I’m taking as a win!

However, much like I can’t help but auto-process the letters comprising a bold headline, I also can’t help it if some DJT content happens to be in otherwise not-DJT specific articles and editorials; he did dominate pretty much everything for a very, very long time so it makes sense that he’s still popping up in far too many places. Hopefully that phenomenon will go the way of the dodo birds soon (not that I don’t wish we still had dodo birds but they’ve been extinct for a long time) and the airwaves and the internets will no longer be befouled by him.

In the meantime, though, I have to tell you that I accidentally saw the over-the-top fake-gold-plated statue of DJT that graced the CPAC convention . What the hell were they thinking? Even for them it’s obscene. He’s wearing shorts and platform flip-flops, holding a star wand, and wearing some sort of blinding circle lapel “pin” and looking crazier than the craziest among us. It’s an image that cannot be unseen, no matter how much one might wish this were possible. Jennifer Rubin summed it up quite nicely:

“As we saw from the golden calf — er, the golden Trump statue — at CPAC (never has a group had less self-awareness than that crowd) and the utter lack of any policy discussion at the event, this is a party rooted in multiple lost causes.” (bold italics added)

Indeed, “never has a group had less self-awareness than that crowd” – well said.

But hey, if they want to turn DJT into a fatted fake golden platform-flip-flop wearing, star-wand wielding joke, I say less power to them. Seriously, if this is the best they can do to honor their “God Given Leader From On High” then we probably don’t actually have all that much to worry about, ‘cuz they clearly don’t have much going on upstairs.

May we be safe from tastelessness and tin (or fake-gold-plate).
May we have a sense of humor about platform-flip-flops and star-wands while we blow on by them.
May our stomachs be strong as we navigate the nutso funhouse that is the current US.
May we accept that we aren’t all playing with full decks.

Tracy Simpson

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