Grant due Tuesday haiku 2

Dear President Biden,

I’m in the homestretch with the grant that’s due tomorrow but this needs to be another haiku night.

Just for fun, I’m going to tell you what the title of this letter’s blog entry is since I’m finding all the “u” sounds amusing: “Grant due Tuesday haiku 2.”

Here it is:

We’ve come full circle,
a Native American
protecting the land.

Thank you for bringing Deb Haaland into your Cabinet as Secretary of the Interior – this is beyond huge. This historic, bold, smart move could very well save the planet.

May we all be safe to breathe the air, to drink the water, to exist.
May we all be happy to rethink our relationships to our collective home.
May we trust that we have the strength to do the radical environmental work we need to do.
May we all accept that business as usual is killing us.

Tracy Simpson

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