Here we are

Dear President Biden,

I’m not sure I can muster even a decent haiku under the current circumstances, but here goes:

Inside my cocoon
I feel safe. And powerless.
But out is scary.


The sky is blue, the wind is calm, the traffic is quiet this morning but we are a world of mounting, creeping, lurching, hurtling hurt and it’s feeling as though the only tangible response is to throw money at the Democratic campaigns flooding my inbox.

But does it make sense to keep feeding the Hydra?

I just don’t know.

May we all be safe from the nihilistic systems we’ve created.
May we all be willing to admit we can’t keep our heads above the floodwaters forever.
May we all be strong enough to seriously wonder how else we could be.
May we all accept that our window of time for figuring this shit out is limited.

Tracy Simpson

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