Free Magic Wands

Dear President Biden,

I’ll go back later, when it’s light out, and snap a picture for posterity’s sake but in the mean time here’s a haiku portrait:

Lime green bucket of
long-stemmed alliums labeled
“Magic Wands – Take One.”*

May we all be safe to find and use whatever magic wands might be at hand.
May we be willing to risk setting in motion what we truly want to see.
May we have the collective strength to be the people the world needs us need to be.
May we accept that we need to dig in and do the gritty, messy work and stay open to magic.

Tracy Simpson

*The sign really says “Free ~ Magic Wands (good spells only, please….)” but I’m taking poetic – syllabic – license with the above paraphrase. 🙂

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