Biden/Harris administration haiku

Dear President Biden,

I’m not sure if it’s because I no longer have a daily practice of writing to the Oval Office occupant or if I’m just a lot busier than I was during the full-on DJT nightmare or if the ongoing toxic miasma that’s our news cycle is just too hard to bear, but I’m definitely finding it harder and harder to make the time to write to you. It’s probably a combination of all three of those reasons plus the added challenges of feeling really, really tired of pandemic-life and really, really sad and disillusioned about you, your administration, and our collective ability to pull out of the tailspin we’re in.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be landing on a topic worthy of a regular letter today I worked out a haiku for you on my walk this morning. It’s not especially upbeat and you’ll probably take issue with it (I now routinely get “Dear Dr. Simpson, I know we don’t see eye to eye on everything….” responses from you when I send a critical letter so we’ll see), but I’m getting pretty fed up both with what is and what isn’t happening, so here you go:

Biden/Harris Administration Haiku
Your empathetic
talk is trumped every damn time
by your callous walk.

May we be safe from hollow words and gestures.
May we be willing to hold our leaders accountable.
May we muster the strength and courage to keep looking, to stay engaged.
And, may we accept that we need to allow ourselves breaks every now and again (and again).

Tracy Simpson

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