Grief haiku I

Dear President Biden,

Thank you for sharing in our collective grief and mirroring it back to us today as we attempt to wrap our minds, and more importantly, our hearts, around the staggering numbers of US who have died from COVID-19 this past year. I love how you talked about each of those people having been extraordinary and thought it would be good to combine this sweet, compassionate estimation of our siblings with Julius Goat’s idea that “Every human being is a unique and irreplaceable work of art carrying intrinsic and unsurpassable worth” in a haiku.

Each and every one,
precious human being

May we be safe from our own myopic hubris.
May we be willing to see one another fully and to risk caring for one another deeply.
May we know that our hearts are strong enough to hold everyone.
May we accept that such a way of relating is our only hope.

Tracy Simpson

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